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PlayStation’s Year-End Financials Results Reveals Revenue Is Up While Slightly Missing Its 21 Million PS5 Console Target

This morning, Sony released its results for its past financial year ending March 31st and it has revealed that PlayStation revenue is up across every sector financially speaking, according to GameIndustry.Biz.

Getting into the actual numbers, PlayStation’s Net Sales brought in  ¥11.3 trillion ($72.2 billion USD), a 12 percent increase year-over-year. Operating Income meanwhile recorded ¥1.04 trillion ($6.6 billion USD), a five percent increase year-over-year. Getting into Game & Network Services financials, that division of PlayStation’s business accumulated an impressive ¥4.3 trillion ($27.5 billion USD), a 17 percent increase year-over-year while Game & Network Services operating Income was ¥290.2 billion ($1.9 billion USD), a 16 percent increase year-over-year.

PlayStation software sales for 2023-2024 reported ¥2.2 trillion ($14.1 billion USD), a 24 percent increase year-over-year. Interestingly enough, of that number digital software and add-ons made up ¥1.9 trillion ($12.1 billion), a 27 percent increase year-over-year. This means, according to Sony’s financials that physical games are becoming a niche part of PlayStation’s business. During the financial year, the PlayStation platform altogether ended up selling 286.4 million games that were sold on PS5, of which that number includes 39.7 million first-party titles.

The only “kind of” bad news from the financial results is that Sony missed its bold yet decreased 21 PS5 million console target. At the end of the last 12 months, Sony was only less than 200,000 consoles off as the company did manage to sell 20.8 million PS5 consoles, a 1.7 million increase from its 19.1 million number during the 2022-2023 fiscal year. The increase led to the PlayStation division earning ¥1.7 trillion ($10.9 billion) in hardware revenue, a nine percent increase year-over-year. Network services including the likes of PlayStation Plus also saw a boost bringing in ¥545.5 billion ($3.5 million USD), a 17 percent increase year-over-year.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, as PlayStation’s concurrent monthly PSN numbers are down to 118 million users in Q4, Sony this is a five million decrease from the end of Q3 which was at 123 million users at the time, but if you compare the previous year’s number (108 million) it is an increase. While Sony doesn’t give an actual number for its console target for its current financial year, the company states like previously they expect a decrease in hardware sales in the coming year.

The financial news follows Sony revealing that Helldivers 2 sold 12 million copies on PC/PS5 in two months, plus the company named its replacement for Jim Ryan late yesterday, although it wasn’t just one person taking up the role as Sony named co-CEOs for its gaming division. The current head of PlayStation Studio, Hermen Hulst, promoted to CEO of Studios while the head of the company’s business group, Hideaki Nishino will be appointed PlayStation CEO of Platforms. Their new positions will begin starting June 1st.