PlayStation Portal remote player

Sony Comments That PlayStation Portal Exceeds Expectations

As it turns out, the remote handheld market is lucrative for PlayStation. In a recent interview, PlayStation VP of product management Hiromi Wakai revealed the designated remote play device for PlayStation has done well for the company.

“Although we don’t have any numbers to share, the demand has continued to exceed our expectations,” PlayStation’s VP of product management, Hiromi Wakai, said in an interview.

Wakai says that because it is a streaming-only device, PlayStation was aware of the skepticism due to the PlayStation Portal having one function. In Canada, the Portal retails for $269 and is consistently out of stock on all retail storefronts. Despite restocks happening often, there is a small window to checkout.

Through and through, the PlayStation Portal is a luxury item and is not a dedicated handheld — I’ve said the same in my review from last year. It’s got one specific purpose, but it does that well.

“The original idea of [the] PlayStation Portal remote player came from our goal to provide high-quality console gaming experiences in the players’ hands,” Wakai tells Stephen Totilo.

“From the beginning, PlayStation Portal was intended to be a product best suited for people with specific needs and those who want to play in a specific way, so the reactions after the announcement were very much within our expectations.”

Sony has been direct in what the Portal offers to its customers and that it is an extension of the console. Despite some enthusiasts finding a way to run a PSP emulator natively, it exists to allow people to play games without a TV being available at home.