PlayStation Plus

Sony’s PlayStation Plus Spotify Playlist Is Fire

Last month, Sony relaunched PlayStation Plus with several new tiers featuring games from all generations of PlayStation consoles. For an additional fee, players could subscribe between Essential, Extra, or Premium levels.

Now to commemorate the launch, Sony has crafted an exclusive Spotify playlist for you to listen to while you work.

The current playlist will let you discover over 31 songs from great franchises such as Horizon, Ghost of Tsushima, Crash Bandicoot, Assassin’s Creed, Uncharted, Returnal, and Marvel’s Spider-Man and God of War. 

The playlist has a ton of great songs from some incredible video games but Sony hasn’t mentioned anything about updating the playlist. Hopefully, someone on their team can curate it because I’ve already put the playlist on to write this article and I plan on following through straight to the end.