PlayStation and The Next Generation Of Accessible Gaming

Over the last few years, accessibility has become an increasingly important focus in gaming, with PlayStation doing a lot to open its doors to as many players as possible. Between Naughty Dog and Insomniac’s industry-leading accessibility settings and the recent launch of the Access Controller, PlayStation has been striving to explore new possibilities in the world of play. Sony established the Future Technology Group in 2021, a subsection of the company focused on new ideas and technology.


In a recent blog post on the SIE Blog, Lucy Hattersley, the Academic Development Manager, details a recent partnership with the Swinburne University of Technology. Blending academia and corporate interest, new projects were started with the Design Factory, a global talent and innovation network.

The group has focused on using the Access Controller in various new use cases, including music, learning, and other focus areas. Some projects have multiyear timelines, with goals of pushing innovation across tech as a whole and gaming applications.


Laura writes, “One result we saw explored the idea of using the Access Controller as a fidget toy, which could be helpful for someone with dyspraxia or hyperactivity. Applications among the group also commonly focused on music, something very close to Melbourne, a city with a thriving music scene. That led to experimentation with applications as musical instruments, including a particularly intriguing exploration of whether a DJ could use the Access Controller to create and perform a set.  Sony Group is far-reaching in entertainment and this example creates a possible crossover with our friends in the Sony Music division. There’s so much room for similar bursts of innovation across all Sony divisions.”

The entire blog post is a fascinating read and paints hope for a future where all can enjoy gaming in different ways. Check it out here.