PlayStation Indies

PlayStation Indies Initiative Announced

A new blog post from Shuhei Yoshida is out on the PlayStation Blog. Today, he is ready to announce a project he has been working on since last November.

Introducing the PlayStation Indies initiative, a place to spotlight and support the best of the indie development scene and those published on PlayStation. Yoshida’s goal is to make PlayStation the best place for indie games (and if you remember, it was some time ago).

I’ve been really into the indie scene over the last few years with so many wonderful developers bursting onto the scene. And because of that, the indie scene has grown to be an important part of the overall industry. With AAA games ballooning with costs, indie developers are able to make smaller, riskier projects that offer new experiences you won’t find in a AAA game.

It’s also why you see games like Parappa the Rapper, Katamari Damacy, LittleBigPlanet, and Journey first on PlayStation. In the post, Yoshida mentions the favourable reaction to Bugsnax, the one game that’s taken the internet by storm from the Future of Gaming show.

For PlayStation Now subscribers, a new indie game will be joining the service every month. This month includes Hello Neighbor and you should expect to see more.

Lastly, alongside the news of PlayStation Indies, today PlayStation is debuting nine new indie games coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Stay tuned throughout the morning as Sony reveals new games!