PlayStation is Sunsetting the Online Servers of Three Guerrilla Games on August 12th

Including Two Killzone titles and RIGS: Mechanized Combat League

The end is near for multiplayer gameplay of three Guerilla games as the developer announced today that the online servers for Killzone: Mercenary, Killzone Shadow Fall (including Intercept Mode) and RIGS: Mechanized Combat League will shut down on August 12th.

While online features of these PlayStation titles will cease to work, offline modes like single-player will still be playable to players. Time is ticking down, so if you and a friend own the game or have a PlayStation Plus Extra / Premium subscription you have access to download Killzone Shadow Fall, you have at most three weeks to play the game’s co-op mode Intercept one last time before it goes away for good.

Both Killzone titles launched in 2013 with Mercenary on the PSVita and Shadowfall on the Ps4 as a part of the console’s launch line-up. RIGS: Mechanized Combat League meanwhile released more recently than those games as a PSVR playable game in 2016 that was a fusion of sports and a first-person shooter with its heads-up display hub.

The news of the Killzone games unofficially reiterates the future of PlayStation’s sci-fi FPS franchise is that it looks like there may not be much of one following Sony retiring the IP’s website. Back in 2017, as the head of Guerilla Games at the time, Herman Hulst gave a pretty much non-answer that probably still rings true with it even being five years later from the comment – we still don’t know the official word on the franchise’s status in this era of PlayStation.

“I get asked that question [about the future of Killzone] a lot through Twitter and other social media channels. It’s really heartwarming to hear that there’s such a strong appetite from the loyal Killzone fanbase. It’s a franchise and universe that we still love with a passion at Guerrilla,” Hulst said in an interview with the Academy of Interactive Arts & Science.

“Whether or not we’ve put a permanent period behind the series, it’s too early to make announcements on that. All I can say is that we’ve always loved the Killzone universe and the Killzone series, and we still do. We share that passion for the game with a lot of our fans.”