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Here Are The PlayStation Blog Games of the Year 2016


The award winners of 2016 are in for PlayStation titles, and the readers have spoken over on the PlayStation Blog. According to the post, over half a million people voted in 2016’s award categories. Below are the categories as well as Editor’s Choice from the territories:

Editors’ Choice
Overwatch. Blizzard’s meticulously designed, ultra-polished, and highly accessible team shooter represents the biggest leap for the competitive FPS genre in nearly a decade. Its impact will be felt for years to come.
Sid Shuman, US PlayStation.Blog
Dark Souls 3. It’s been a great year for games, no? Uncharted 4, Titanfall 2 and Dishonored 2 ran it close, but my pick for GOTY (predictably) goes to Hidetaka Miyazaki’s latest dark masterpiece. The “shock of the new” might be gone, but the level and boss design is as good as any in the series.
Fred Dutton, EU PlayStation.Blog
The Witness. The minimal aesthetic lets Thekla’s brain-squeezing puzzles take center stage, and I couldn’t bring myself to give up on them. Thank goodness for that, because finally completing “The Challenge” is one of the most rewarding moments of any game in recent memory.
Justin Massongill, US PlayStation.Blog
Hitman. The masterful level design and vast array of player choice — combined with the brilliant games-as-a-service structure — kept me coming back to the game week after week and resulted in my most satisfying gaming experience this year.
Zac Minor, US PlayStation.Blog
Overwatch. This is one of the strongest debuts by a collection of characters since Street Fighter II. Every hero is uniquely individual and instantly memorable, yet Blizzard manages to make this mob perfectly balance against one another. I can get my fix with a quick match or happily lose an evening to a whole season of them. Just great design, mechanics, and balancing. Brilliant.
Gillen McAllister, EU PlayStation.Blog

Best PS4 Game:

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

A stupendous year for high-quality games, with strong poll showings from The Last Guardian and Doom. But in the end, it was Naughty Dog’s send-off for Nathan Drake that claimed the Platinum, scoring more than 40% of total submitted votes.

Best PS4 Game – Gold
Final Fantasy XV

Best PS4 Game – Silver
Battlefield 1

Best PS4 Game – Bronze

Best PS Vita Game

World of Final Fantasy
Fan favorites Steins;Gate 0 and Odin Sphere Leigthrasir fared well as write-ins, but ultimately Square Enix’s love letter to Final Fantasy landed the PS Vita Platinum award.

Best PS Vita Game – Gold
Lara Croft Go

Best PS Vita Game – Silver
Dragon Quest Builders

Best PS Vita Game – Bronze
Darkest Dungeon

Best Independent Game


Though Firewatch was the decisive overall winner, voting trends in this category showed a wide spread. Alone With You, Severed, and Darkest Dungeon all left a strong mark on the polls, though not enough to place.

Best Independent Game – Gold

Best Independent Game – Silver
The Witness

Best Independent Game – Bronze
Stardew Valley

Best PlayStation VR Game

Batman Arkham VR

The votes were fairly split here, but Rocksteady’s atmospheric mystery ultimately took the top slot. Rez Infinite, Rigs, and VR Worlds each saw lots of support in the polls, though not quite enough to place.

Best PlayStation VR Game – Gold
Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One X-wing VR Mission

Best PlayStation VR Game – Silver
Job Simulator

Best PlayStation VR Game – Bronze
Eve Valkyrie