PlayStation Announces DualShock 4 Back Button Attachment

I don’t necessarily understand Sony’s decision on releasing a new peripheral this late into the console lifecycle, but here we are. Revealed today, this new attachment is called Back Button Attachment.

bacattach 1

By using the 3.4mm jack on the bottom of the controller, the Back Button Attachment adds two customizable buttons to the DualShock 4. With the included OLED display, you’re able to map up to 16 different actions as seen in the video above the article. It’s a neat little addition but I’m not sure why it’s launching so late in the cycle. Supposedly, I’d wager this will be compatible with the DualShock 5 when the PlayStation 5 launches next year.

Here are the official details:

  • Responsive Back Buttons and High-fidelity OLED Screen: The two back buttons can map up to 16 different actions such as triangle, circle, R1 and R2 to name a few and provide amazing tactile feedback, so you can jump and slide without missing a beat. The attachment also features an integrated OLED display that provides real-time information around button assignments.
  • Highly Configurable: A dedicated button allows you to remap back button inputs on the fly, so you are always prepared no matter what game you’re playing. Furthermore, you can save and choose up to three different profiles for use in various games and there is also a headset pass-through for connecting any 3.5mm wired headset to the controller.
  • Developed by PlayStation: The product is tested and approved for all of your favourite PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR titles, and is built with the ergonomics of the DS4 in mind.

If you’re interested, the Back Button Attachment launches in Canada on January 23, 2020, for $39.99.