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You Can Now Create Shareable Multiplayer Session Links On PlayStation 5

PlayStation is introducing shareable links and QR codes so you can pass them along to friends via text and the PS App.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog from Sabrina Meditz, Senior Director, Product Management, Platform Experience, she revealed that you can generate shareable links on your console or PlayStation App and then send them to other people via social media or messaging apps. By opening the link, the recipient can hop into your multiplayer session even if they aren’t already friends with you on PlayStation Network.

PS5 screenshot showing a Baldur’s Gate 3 multiplayer session invite QR code

An example is meeting someone on social media, providing them with your session invite in the same chat, and then beginning to play together immediately.

PlayStation describes the feature as a complement to existing methods of joining a session from your favourite PS5 games, and it is consistent with any supported games. An asterisk regarding the new feature — Sony says development partners must work with them to find a solution for their games.

There’s even a widget for Discord where you share invites in Discord and even dynamically refresh to show your multiplayer status to know whether the session is active.

image of the PS5 multiplayer session invite widget in Discord.

Sony says in the coming months, they plan to introduce the ability to share your or another player’s PSN profile on any social media app by generating a link from the PS app, PS5 console, or web profile.

Images of the Profile Share feature on PlayStation App and mobile devices