PlayStation DualShock 4

PlayStation 5 Controller Patent Filed

A new patent for the PlayStation 5 controller was filed in Japan today, which seemingly shows the updated controller for Sony’s next-generation console. According to a Wired article published last month, the patent and the prototype mentioned are seemingly one and the same.

In the patent, we see a few changes made to the existing design, namely the removal of the light bar and the smaller analog sticks, and larger triggers, as well as the inclusion of a microphone. There is also a USB-C connection that charges the controller.


We heard about some of the new additions which included the adaptive triggers, which sense pressure and various levels of resistance. An example used is a bow and arrow and the tension of the bow increasing the more you press the trigger down.

A new speaker is also mentioned which is a good idea especially with the DualShock 4’s leaving much to be desired with sound quality. Sony also plans on including a haptic motor for a better rumble effect.

Another thing to note is the touchpad is still there, and this is due to backwards compatibility with PlayStation 4 games. Even now, few games actually use touchpad but Sony has yet to find a useful application for it for anything more than another button. I do wish Sony would use a new design for the DualShock 5 but I guess for now it’s alright.