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PlayStation 5 Beta Enhances DualSense Audio and Share Screen

The beta test begins today

If you’re looking for some more quality of life improvements to your PlayStation 5, some more might be on the way for a number of features including your DualSense controllers.

Today, PlayStation announced three areas where their Beta program will test out some changes that will expand the customization for sound and how Share Screen works.

First up is the DualSense where the volume of controller speakers will be able to go even higher. Additionally, a new “AI machine learning model” is helping improve noise cancelling for microphones. This is targeting game sounds from your TV, or some smaller sounds like button presses.


The PlayStation 5 Beta is also bringing in some new tests for Share Screen Interactions.

Anyone viewing the screen can now move pointers around and draw a line on the shared screen, allowing them to highlight hidden objects, enemies, or whatever else that might be useful for the player.

Emoji-based reactions are also being tested. This is exactly what it sounds like, with characters like AstroBot popping up on screen.

Lastly, you beta users can adjust the brightness of the PlayStation 5’s power indicator. Previously, the ‘beep’ from turning the console on could be muted, and now so can the light within the system settings.

All of these features are only available to beta participants for now. Some of them may be introduced for everyone in the future, but with all betas, things could change.

If you want to sign up for the Beta program you can head to the PlayStation website.