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PlayStation 4 Shipments Top 112.3 Million

Sony announced in its financial results for the three months ended June 30, 2020, and the numbers are topping 112.3million.

According to Sony, the company shipped 1.9 million PlayStation 4 units from April to June 30, but sales were down from the previous year, which saw 3.2 million units shipped.


Moving on to the Gaming and Network Segment of the report, sales are significantly up with sales approximating at ¥5,22 billion ($23.5 billion USD or 26% increase). Sony is banking on “significant increase in game software sales” and “significant increase in hardware sales due to the PlayStation 5 launch.”

There has been a strong performance in Q1 and both The Last of Us Part II and Ghost of Tsushima are trending well. PlayStation Plus subscribers reached approx. 45 million, which is up from 36.2 million subscribers last fiscal year.

PlayStation 4 software is doing well with 91 million units sold in the fourth quarter of FY 2019, up 41.2 million from the previous year which sold 49.8 million units. Of those sales, 18.5 million units were first-party titles, up 6.8 million units from the 11.7 million sold during the same time last fiscal year. Surprisingly, 74% of sales were all digital titles, which is up 21% from the previous year.