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PlayStation 4 Is Still Selling Well, But Is Showing Signs of Slowdown

PlayStation is still doing well in sales, according to the latest quarterly financial reports but Sony is finally seeing signs of sales slowing down. Which makes sense since Sony is planning on launching the PlayStation 5 later this year during the holiday season.

Going off the reports released, this past Holiday Quarter saw Sony selling 6.1 million PlayStation 4 consoles. While that is an impressive number, sales are down from the 8.1 million sold in 2018 during the same period.

As of this posting, the total amount of PlayStation 4 consoles sold is sitting at 108.9 million units, which has now surpassed the original PlayStation and PlayStation 3.

Of course, that isn’t all the news we found in the financial reports either, as software sales are also down to 81.1 million, which hit 87.2 million during the same time last year.

We’re close to a new console generation, these trends are to be expected at this time and Sony is still in the lead with sales and software. Sony has seen incredible growth in this generation thanks to critically-loved games, supported hardware, and a loving fanbase.