PlayStation 4 Is Now The Second Best-Selling Console Of All Time

Launching nearly seven years, ago the PlayStation 4 has been a juggernaut in not only software sales, but hardware as well. As of this month, the console is now the second best-selling console of all time, beating out the original PlayStation, which sold 102.5 million units, and going on to sell 102.8 million units.

It isn’t a surprise this generation that Sony has been leading the pack thanks to some of the highest-rated exclusive games. Selling almost three million consoles this quarter is good, but the dwindling figure means that this generation of consoles is drying up and the industry is ready for the next generation of gaming consoles to release to the public. And with Sony planning a new console release during the Holiday 2020 season, this shouldn’t be any concern to them.

Comparably, the previous quarter saw roughly 3.9 million units sell at the same time one year ago. I wouldn’t worry about any of this, it’s just time for companies to move onto new technologies. The only console the PlayStation 4 won’t come close to in terms of hardware sold is the PlayStation 2, which sold a whopping 155 million units. According to Daniel Ahman, Sony stopped reporting sales for both the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 2 back in 2012, but continued to ship units, so the numbers are higher than reported.


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