Here’s What We Saw At PLAYISM Game Show

PLAYISM Game Show is officially in the “streamed” column!

Coming in at nearly an hour and twenty minutes, Japan’s oldest indie publisher teased us with games old and new!


There’s great news for those who’ve gotta go fast in giant mechs!

BREAK ARTS III is currently in development for PC, to be found on Steam. It features new HD models with revolutionary levels of customization.

Fight Crab 2

There are about to be a whole lot more “hey, I’m walking here!” Memes on the way!

That’s because a sequel to the popular and meme-worthy Fight Crab is now in development!

New music, new weapons and new mayhem is on the way to Steam Early Access Winter 2023!

Metal Bringer

Are you ready to build a battling robot of your very own?

If you just yelled “hell yes!” Then Metal Bringer is a game you are going to watch out for.

In this voxel art adventure you pilot a customizable mech intended to cut and shoot through waves of androids.

It’s all coming to Steam in 2024!

Aside from these new announcements, PLAYISM Game Show featured a number of exciting updates on 34EVERLASTEDEN.schemata();The Star Named EOSPhantom Rose 2 Sapphire, and more!