Pixel Art JRPG SacriFire Releasing in 2023 on PC

Revealed as a part of IGN Expo 2022

During IGN Expo 2022, developer Pixelated Milk announced SacriFire, its upcoming pixel art JRPG will release sometime in 2023 on PC via Steam, Epic Game Store, and GOG.

Alongside the announcement, IGN released a trailer that showed off a brand new look at the game including a lot of the game’s environments will find like the city of Ivanstone, the forest of Erebus, and Bohemond’s Office. Players will be inserted into the shoes of Ezekiel who has his handy dandy DIVOS gauntlet that can transform into six different weapons, which can help influence fighting styles alongside your companions. The player will explore Antioch and Erebus, two very unique lands with their own different story to tell.

Inspired by some of the classic games in the genre, SacriFire is described as “Vagrant’s Story meets Octopath Traveler.” The game features a world of hand-drawn pixel art characters that look pretty distinct alongside the game’s 3D environments. Players will take on a variety of enemies in dungeons including hellhounds, imps, lemures, and more which introduces the player to the game’s battle system which is a combination of turn-based and real-time combat elements.

The reveal of SacriFire was first announced as a part of the game’s Kickstarter campaign which launched in June 2021, the crowd-funding project was announced at the PC Gaming Show last year with video game composer, Motoi Sakuraba attached to the game. The campaign went on to raise €136,559 (close to $144,000 USD) which surpassed its initial €82,000 goal (just a little over $86,000 USD). As a part of the campaign, SacriFire is also coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch which wasn’t mentioned in the recent announcement. The lack of mention might allude that the developer is concentrating on the PC release right now and the console versions are coming at a later date.