Pikmin 3 Deluxe Lands On Switch October 30

Out of the blue, Nintendo has announced the Pikmin 3 is coming to Nintendo Switch in October!

I was a bit surprised when the email arrived in my inbox this morning. Pikmin 3 is getting the Deluxe treatment on Nintendo Switch and comes with the ability to play the whole Story mode in co-op with a friend, new side-story missions that can also be played in co-op and all the Mission mode DLC stages from the original game’s release. There is also new difficulty options, lock-on targeting, hints and a new way to play at a relaxed pace.

With a number of Pikmin to befriend and command, you’ll have a willing team at your disposal to tackle whatever obstacles you face. Different coloured Pikmin offer a variety of helpful abilities and strengths for your missions. For example, Blue Pikmin can breathe underwater, helping you collect items other Pikmin can’t reach, while Winged Pikmin, distinguished by their pink hues and fluttering wings, can fly over terrains such as water and pits. Strategically selecting the right Pikmin for the task at hand, delegating projects and changing between captains can help secure victory.

Pikmin 3 Deluxe launches on October 30 on Nintendo Switch.