Tactical Card Game Phobies Celebrates Two Years With A New Update

Phobies is turning two!

Smoking Gun Interactive has a lot planned to celebrate as part of a month-long party that’s now underway!

Birthday Bash, Monster Mash brings you seven eerie and exciting new Phobies to collect. Here are some strategic details on each!

  • Create and destroy lava tiles with Prometheus, who can also safely traverse those same tiles! Prometheus is available exclusively in a special offer until April 2nd.
  • Harness the power of Fantôme and use it teleport friendly units to strategic tiles during your battles.
  • Overwhelm your opponents’ Phobies with the Collector, delivering tax documents that boggle their minds.
  • Haphe surges with newfound strength after each blow it receives!
  • Le Shovell is always ready to give a friendly nudge to your Phobies to get them into battle quicker.
  • Flex on your foes with Hercules and its devastating sting!
  • Brutewurst is one bad sausage that’ll make enemy Phobies sick!

Good news if you need a new avenue to let your monsters run free in! Five new challenge maps are designed to throw some serious obstacles and strategic possibilities at Phobies Wranglers!

As I wrote before, the party is just getting started! Log in over the full month of March for your shot at some of the most enormous rewards and offers of the past two years!

Phobies is available on Steam, Android and iOS.