Phantom Blade 0

Phantom Blade Zero Announced

The third reveal of the PlayStation Showcase today was Phantom Blade Zero, an exclusive title coming to PlayStation 5.

On the PlayStation Blog, Soulframe Liang, Founder & CEO, S-Game, reveals Phantom Blade Zero is a spiritual followup to Rainblood: Town of Death, an indie game the developer made in 2010.

Phantom Blade Sero is set in Phantom World, where many powers coverage. You will find Chinese Kung Fu, intricate machines reminiscent of steampunk, the occult arts, and many other elements that don’t belong.

Your character is named Soul, an elite assassin serving a powerful organization known as ‘The Order.” Soul is framed for the murder of his leader, the patriarch of The Order and injured in the ensuing manhunt. A healer eventually saves his life, but his life will last only 66 days, and the cure will fail. Soul must restore his name and face the truth before his time ends.

Phantom Blade Zero unfolds in a semi-open world of multiple large maps filled with diverse, handcrafted activities. The title is inspired by Louis Cha’s Wuxia stories and Bruce Lee’s films, Michelle Yeoh in Everything Everywhere All at Once and Donnie Yen in John Wick: Chapter 4.

We’ll report back once we learn a release date.