Persona’s Lifetime Sales Surpass Over 17 Million Copies Worldwide

Revealed During Sega and Rovio Press Conference

Looks like we got an updated sale figure on the Persona Franchise which is over 17 million units strong, according to a slide during Sega and Rovio’s press conference spotted by Knoebel on Twitter.

This figure is a 1.5 million increase from this past October which was previously reported at 15.5 million, according to Persona Central. A possible reason behind the sale increase is due to the series jumping to other platforms with the release of Persona 5 Royal on PS5 and Xbox platforms and most recently as well the release of Persona 3: Portable and Persona 4: Golden making the jump to modern platforms earlier this year.

This is just an assumption on my part as Sega obviously didn’t really go into detail about the reason behind the increase but it’s nice to see more players get into one of my favourite RPG series from Japan. Hopefully, we’ll be able to learn more about the series’ future soon with the hotly anticipated major sixth entry on the horizon and possibly confirmation of a rumoured Persona 3 Remake.

In addition to that franchise’s numbers, the slide in question also revealed the sales of Sega’s major Japanese franchise including Sonic the Hedgehog (1.4 billion units), Yakuza / Like a Dargon (20 million units), and Phantasy Star Online: New Genesis (9 million players. As for the studio’s European studios, Sega revealed its numbers for Total War (38 million units, Two Point Hospital (3 million units), Company of Heroes (10 million units) and Football Manager (24 million units).