Persona 5 The Royal Introduces A New Phantom Thief

I mean, at some point, Atlus needed to properly reveal Persona 5 The Royal after a series of teases that left me annoyed they couldn’t just come out and say it. So, if you want to play Persona 5 again, with new features and a new Phantom Thief, this is for you.

Formally announced at the Persona Super Live P-Sound Street 2019 concert in Tokyo, Persona 5 Royal returns us to Tokyo once again. This time, however, 2017’s RPG of the Year introduces new characters, new gameplay features, and a deeper look at the Phantom Thieves and their lives and their experiences.

Basically, we’re getting new music, graphical upgrades, and a new party member. Introducing Kasumi Yoshizawa, a recent transfer student to Tokyo’s Shujin Academy. Through chance, Kasumi joins the Phantom Thieves on their escapades. Also, new areas include places for you and your friends to hang out after school and on the weekend and new Social Links. This version of Persona 5 features 4K Pro support for PlayStation 4 as well.

Atlus is promising more information next month as well as confirmation of release in the West in 2020. Persona 5 The Royal launches in Japan on October 31, 2019.