Persona 5 Tactica

Persona 5 Tactica Update Details Quests, Rewards, And New Game +

Atlus has shared new details for the upcoming tactical RPG Persona 5 Tactica, scheduled to launch next month.

Detailing how quests work in Persona 5 Tactica, you will unlock quests involving stages with unique mechanics. Each quest features its own story, and by clearing them, you earn GP to use in character skill trees. 0r9zkNg

Additionally, you can wipe out all enemies in one round, use melee to hit a box to the end goal or fight in stages filled with explosives.

Clearing quests provide GP and powerful skills you can unlock in the skill tree. This offers extra rewards like opening the ability to create stronger Personas, making quests worthwhile.


The Replay option lets you revisit and play previously cleared stages on a whim. This allows you to earn the same rewards, including EXP, money, and Persona – allowing you to become stronger.


Each stage has three bonus challenges for extra rewards, including objectives like “Clear the stage in X turns” or “Clear the stage with no members being KO’d.” Earning awards increases how much money and EXP you receive.

Atlus has also thrown in a New Game + option so you can start from the beginning with your data carrying over, including your Persona Compendium, unlocked fusions, money, weapons, and more.


You’ll want to play New Game + to complete the Persona Compendium.

You’ll also unlock Special Art as a bonus in the Report menu, providing a fresh look at illustrations, concept art, character designs, and more.

Persona 5 Tactica launches for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Switch, and PC on November 17. It will land on Xbox Game Pass on Day One.