Persona 5 Tactica

Persona 5 Tactica Launches New Developer Diary With Producer Atsushi Nomura


Are you ready, fellow Phantom Thieves? Atlus has a new developer diary for Persona 5 Tactica, out later this month.

In the first of many dev diaries, Atlus Producer Atsushi Nomura introduces himself and his experience with Persona, returning to 2019’s Persona 5 Royal.

He then focuses on how Persona 5 Tactica will present the Phantom Thieves as an even more united team than we’ve seen; this entry doesn’t mention Persona 5 Strikers.

Nomura says the team feels the best way to show off this unique partnership is with an SRPG title, a first for the long-running IP.

The team’s latest adventure will see them outside their typical palace or jail and in a seemingly French Revolution-inspired rebellion.

One More and All Out Attacks are back in a new style! This is news we had heard before. But it’s always satisfying to see them in action.

Following a peculiar twist of fate, the enigmatic Phantom Thieves are thrust into a surreal realm where the inhabitants are trapped in the suffocating grip of a ruthless oppressor. In this strange land, they are encircled by a formidable military force known as the Legionnaires, pushing them to the brink of peril. When all hope seems lost, a shadowy saviour emerges from the shadows, bearing the name Erina. She extends an alluring proposition that promises salvation in exchange for their cooperation.

In Persona 5 Tactica, a captivating new narrative unfolds, reuniting beloved characters from the past while introducing fresh allies and adversaries into the fray.