Persona 4: Dancing All Night New Modes, New Costumes Revealed


One of my more anticipated Persona games coming out this fall, Atlus has sent out some new information pertaining to new modes that will be a part of Persona 4: Dancing All Night. We get Story Mode, which is surprising since I didn’t actually expect to see a story involved. Then we have Free Dance which will allow players to learn and master the songs included to gain high scores and to practice, practice, practice!

All the people who checked the game out at E3 seemed somewhat surprised that there was in fact a story mode (testament, I guess, to the amazingness of the Persona 4 soundtrack and upcoming remixes, etc.). WELL GOOD NEWS, THERE’S A STORY MODE! It’s presented in similar format to Persona 4 Arena/Ultimax’s story mode and will follow the Investigation Team as they solve the mystery behind the Midnight Stage and how it ties in to Rise and her junior group Kanamin Kitchen!

Then of course, there’s:

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Git gud! Free Dance mode is where you can practice the game’s songs to try for that personal high score. Because if you don’t, you fail the song on E3 livestreams in less than 30 seconds and totally embarrass yourself. Seriously, use Free Dance mode to practice and practice a lot. Plus, in Free Dance you can try out the songs with the difficulty, partner, and costume of your choosing.

Let’s not forget about the rest:

Tanaka’s Amazing Commodities are back! Here you can purchase character costumes and more with the P$ earned from performing well in the songs.


Music player, character profiles, gallery, high scores and online leaderboards, and more!


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