Pepper Grinder

Pierce The Heavens With Your Drill In Pepper Grinder

Have you ever just wanted to run through everything with a super-powered drill?

If you answered yes to this question, then Purveyors of fine indie titles, Devolver Digital has got you covered.

In their brand new DRILLfomercial, we get to see how the player character Pepper the pirate uses her magical drill Pepper Grinder to take on some fast-paced platforming puzzles while on the hunt for her lost treasure.

Along the way, you’ll find secret paths with coins to spend on armour and stickers.

We also see Pepper using her drill to power a snowmobile, cannon and even a giant mech! Simon the Digger has been replaced!

Pepper Grinder promises to be an electrifying blend of tight platforming, chaotic action, brain-twisting environmental puzzles, and unique drill-based traversal.

It’s out March 28th, but wait, there’s more! You can take Grinder’s drill out right now on Steam and in the eShop!

To learn more about how to play, check out this rad old-school Nintendo game manual.