RDR Realmz

PDP Announces Newest REALMz Gaming Product Line

PDP has revealed what is likely one of the coolest controller product lines I’ve ever seen. The Realmz line collaborates with several IPs, including Hasbro, Sega, and Nintendo.

The lineup from PDP stands out because it has a translucent case for each controller and an iconic figure built into the controller. PDP says the Realmz lineup is the perfect crossover for fans, allowing them to collect and play games in a new way. Every controller is built with a unique, multi-layer design and includes LED lighting effects and a figurine embedded into the controller’s handle grip. PDP says each controller is wired or wireless so you can decide which.



The first wave of controllers will be available for pre-order on August 25, and I’m already having difficulty deciding which ones I want to pick up.


PDP says Sonic the Hedgehog is the first line of Realmz, coming with additional lines featuring Optimus Prime from Earthspark Expedition on October 13 and Pikmin landing this winter.


The line includes the Realmz Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch ($39.99 USD/$55 CAD), Realmz Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch ($59.99 USD/$79 CAD), and Realmz Wired Headset for Nintendo Switch ($39.99 USD/$55 CAD).