SuperCloudbuilt Screenshot 04

Parkour Platformer Super Cloudbuilt Is Now Available


Coilworks and Double Eleven announce today that Super Cloudbuilt, the parkour platformer with an enthralling sense of speed and gorgeous crosshatch visuals, is now available on PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam ahead of its launch on Xbox One on July 28thSuper Cloudbuilt is $19.99, though fans will receive a 10 percent discount if they pick it up during launch week.

In Super Cloudbuilt, players leap through routes of platforms scattered above an abyss, sharpening their reflexes as they dash across walls, rocket up ledges and blast through hazards blocking their way. Stages are built to encourage exploration and choice through shortcuts or alternate routes; going for a jump that seems unfeasible might be the best way to top a level’s leaderboard.

Players guide Demi, a young soldier who wakes up outside of her body in the ruins of a building within a mysterious world. Demi’s story is revealed through touching voice acting as she clears each section of the campaign, exploring and discovering more about her new surroundings.

Super Cloudbuilt includes a total of 177 challenges throughout its Story, Ranked and Rush modes, offering ample opportunities for players to master their techniques and shave seconds off their best leaderboard times. Whether players focus on Demi’s fate or earning the fastest clear record for every level, Super Cloudbuilt offers an incredible amount of content for platforming and action fans alike.