Paper Beast

Paper Beast Enhanced Edition Gets A PSVR2 Release On September 27

It’s been a couple of years since Paper Beast‘s original PSVR release. Still, developer Pixel Reef announced that the game’s enhanced edition will be coming to Sony’s next-generation PSVR2 headset on September 27th.

This version of the game isn’t just a regular port as the developer has put a lot of effort into utilizing many new features, Sony’s most recent VR headset. Some additions to Paper Beast Enhanced Edition include more highly detailed textures, an expanded sandbox, more creatures/plants in the game, a smooth locomotion mode, freely traversing landscapes, and 4K support in the regular non-VR version. To get a better idea, check out the trailer below.

Paper Beast was initially released for PC via SteamVR, Rift via Oculus Store, and VIVE via VIVEPORT. and PS4 via PSVR in 2020 and featured innovative gameplay, unique aesthetics, and an extraordinary universe.  The game later won several awards and nominations, including “Best VR Experience” at the Pixel Awards Europe 2020 and Best Game Universe at the Pegasus 2021. Players who got their hands on the game were introduced to a surreal ecosystem born from the depths of big data, brimming with endearing origami-like creatures shaped by wild AIs.