Pacific Drive

Pacific Drive Looks Like A Trip Through Hell

During today’s State of Play episode, we got several announcements including the reveal of Pacific Drive. The game is currently in development at Ironwood Studios and is set to launch in 2023.

On the PlayStation Blog, Blake Dove, the Communications Specialist at Ironwood Studios, revealed details about Pacific Drive.

So what is this game, you ask? Well, Dove says that Pacific Drive is a run-based first-person driving survival game. You explore the Zone and your car is the only lifeline you have to survive. You’ll need to scavenge resources and improve your car — if your car works, then it is likely you’ll survive.

In 1955, the United States government seized a region of the Pacific Northwest and the Olympic Peninsula has since been a staging area for new technologies. This has led the area to be severely radiated with the environment on the brink of collapse, and new supernatural horrors.

You must enter the Zone and explore its perimeter but things quickly go awry and you’re now stuck inside with no way out. To survive, you must go through the Zone while ensuring your station wagon is serviceable and can get you out of trouble.

Pacific Drive is coming to PlayStation 5 in 2023.