Pacific Drive

Survival Game Pacific Drive Aims For 2023

Ironwood Studios took to the PlayStation Blog today to talk about this year’s Pacific Drive.

Blake Dove, the Communications Specialist at the studio provided more details on the survival title, which puts you in the front seat of a station wagon.

You read that right, you and your trusty station wagon are the only things keeping you alive in Pacific Drive. Exploring inside the walls can be dangerous so you’ll need to make sure the car is fueled for each trip into the Zone. If you end up running out of gas will likely lead to the end of your character.

This essentially means you’ll be scavenging abandoned factories to scrap together resources to keep your car running. Each time you go into the Zone, the goal is to upgrade your station wagon before heading out to continue.

As seen in the trailer above, we see how the Anomalies work against you. “There are warped towers that arc out heavy bolts of electricity at anything that accidentally wanders too close, and underground hunks of metal ripping across the ground, shredding both earth and your tires,” the blog post says.

Your car can be heavily modified including racks for extra fuel on the roof of the car, wind-power generators, and automatic parking breaks. Your car also had the capability to add a spotlight, a lightning rod to charge the battery, and other experimental gadgets.

All of these items are necessary to deal with the terrible weather too since the Zone has cataclysmic events at times via Zone Storms. These maelstroms tear the map apart and deal massive damage to all they touch.

Pacific Drive is coming to PlayStation 5 in 2023.