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Overwatch League Skins Have Just Gotten Easier To Acquire

Stage two of Overwatch League begins today and with that a change that will make it easier for viewers to unlock the Overwatch League in-game skins. Previously, players would have to purchase in-game League Tokens in order to unlock the skins. Now, players who regularly watch Overwatch League matches will be rewarded with tokens on Twitch.

By linking their Battle.net account to their account on Twitch, MLG, or OverwatchLeague viewers can start earning tokens. Every match in Overwatch League consists of four maps with a fifth in case a tiebreaker is necessary. So with three matches a day and four days of Overwatch League per week, a viewer who tunes into every map could earn a total of 48-60 tokens every week.

From the official announcement:

“Each time a map concludes during a live broadcast, eligible viewers will earn a League Token. Also, a percentage of lucky fans viewing the live broadcast when a match ends will be awarded 100 League Tokens, enough for a home-team skin of their choice!”