Overwatch 2 S7

Overwatch 2’s Season 7 Goes Dark With New Modes and Reworks

Sombra and Roadhog get some major tweaks

Entering its second year after going live in October of 2022, Overwatch 2 is bringing a load of new content for its Season 7 launch called Rise of Darkness.

Not only will a new PvE mode be arriving with the new season, but some reworks for a couple of popular characters, a new map is arriving, a Diablo 4 tie-in, and the always popular Halloween-themed skins.

Rise of Darkness will have heroes pitted up against the forces of Lilith… or at least a Lilith skin for Moira. The Trials of Sanctuary is about survival and toppling hoards of enemies. This time, weapons can be upgraded, as seen in the trailer, with Reinhardt upgrading one of his abilities.

With this also comes some Diablo-inspired skins. Overwatch 2 has always done some fun and exciting stuff with their outfits, and this is no exception in my opinion. Roadhog has a Butcher skin, Reinhardt has Imperious, Moira is Lilith, Pharah is Inarius, and Wreckingball is dressed up as Azmodan.

There will also be some new Mythic skins and 17 Halloween-inspired ones for characters like Hanzo, Genji, and Mercy.

New Map and Reworks

A control map is being added to the Control rotation. There will be lava pits, tropical beaches, and villages in Samoa. The dev team writes on the Overwatch 2 blog: “Samoa will be available to play right away in a dedicated Arcade card and appear in Quick Play and other unranked modes.”

Sombra is seeing an immediate rework when Season 7 arrives. You can see the breakdown below, but the pest of a hacker has been a thorn in the side of many players since launch.

She’ll see a new ability called Virus, changes to Hack and Teleport, and more.

“Our goal is to allow Sombra to be more committed to the targets she engages with and have a more active feel to her kit while maintaining her character identity and play style as the world’s greatest hacker. In an upcoming blog, we’ll have more details about Sombra’s rework.”


Roadhog is also getting some work done, but there are no details on exactly what tweaks are being made, as his changes will be made later in the new season.

Overwatch 2 Season 7 Rise of Darkness will begin on October 10th across all platforms.