Overlord: Fellowship of Evil – What is the Fellowship of Evil?


The Overlord series has always been a quirky and charming series to play through. This is a surprise announcement as we haven’t had anything Overlord related in almost six years which is definitely a long time.

The last lord is dead Overlord, players now embody one of four Netherghūls. Those infamous new recruits in the series are undead serving the cause of the dark arts. They are determined to make the voice of evil in this world dominated by the forces of good.

But what would be the point of such an adventure solo? Join the Community therefore, invite three of your most deceitful friends – locally or online – and trigger a wave of destruction jubilant worldwide. For the Grand Master!

If you’re more a bum who thinks that friends are just a concept from the most feeble minds? Do not worry! If needed, you can always return your jacket – Evil never respect the rules of the game!

With Overlord of Evil Fellowship , and in the company of stupid nonetheless adorable minions hordes, players can again be seduced by the unhinged world of the series, a world of destruction and subversive humor where evil through mode cooperative to 4, has never been present. Fans will be delighted to learn that the Minions are led by their revered master Gnarl, doubled again by actor Marc Silk.

Full of fun fighting and fantasy stories completely crazy, Overlord of Evil Fellowship invites once again the players to immerse themselves in the twisted world of the saga, during an Action-RPG where he is seen do wrong, but where it is BETTER to be diabolical.

” It’s been a while that we prepare a new episode of Overlord , “says Rob Elser, Minion Executive Producer at Codemasters. ” We really wanted to create something that would allow us to embody evil with friends, instead of the standard hero of most other games. The idea of playing a team of bad guys who control Minions executing our orders and the concept of being able to take its partners much amused us. As you know, a game Overlord never takes itself too seriously. ”

” The dark secret rites ended up paying! “said Rhianna Pratchett, Mistress of the Scrolls. ” I am often asked if a new installment of Overlord is in preparation. So, it’s great to play again the evil by participating in the creation of a new evil epic. It’s a gaming license that wants to develop as fun to play, and Fellowship of Evil is no exception to the rule. Oh, and do not worry: there will be sheep. And their reserve sacred surprise. Oh yes! “





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