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Outriders Is a Game to Get Excited About

Outriders is from People Can Fly, the studio that developed the excellent and hilarious Bulletstorm.

Yesterday, the studio delivered its first monthly developer video and gave us our best look at the third-person shooter coming later this year. We also learned a ton of things about the game, which I think may shift my free time away from The Division 2 and Destiny 2, two video games that while enjoyable haven’t seen any innovation in years. I’ve struggled to get back to playing either game for more than a day or so here and there.

In a half-hour video, we learn the game takes place on Enoch, a world unlike our own. The demo takes place in The First City, the first human colony on Enoch. We learn that an interstellar ship transporting humans found the planet, and used the ship’s power supply like a generator to build the colony. However, an accident causes the generator to explode, wildly warping the fauna and animals in the area.

We learn of the World Tier system, which begins at 01 and moves up in difficulty. It’s a good way for players to decide what type of experience they want, be it a here for the story experience or “deliver the pain experience. You’ll start at World Tier 01 and move upwards, and in the video World Tier 03 is considered normal difficulty. Each World Tier offers its own unlockables and loot, and the more you play, the more experience you earn to unlock higher World Tiers, up to level 15.

Furthermore, players can equip five pieces or gear at any given time. Each character can also equip three weapons, and different pieces of gear change your character’s appearance.

Classes are apart of the experience with players able to choose between being a Pyromancer, a Trickster, Devastator, and one more class we’ll learn about at a later date. We see in the video some of the powers the Pyromancer has in their arsenal and a bit of what the Trickster can do, with their skills on display. We noticed a move called Temporal Blade, which paralyzes and slices enemies in front of you, Slow Trap, which inflicts Slow, and Hunt The Prey, which teleports behind a target.

From what we learned, each class has eight different abilities available and you can equip three at any given time.

Outrider’s Community Manager Robbie Palmer answered questions at the end of the video and confirmed the game is not “games as a service,” and the game features a full and complete experience.

So far, everything I’ve seen and read has me eagerly awaiting its release later this year.