Once Bitten, Twice Dead Kickstarter Trailer

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Indie developer Dark Day Interactive has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for Once Bitten, Twice Dead!, a game which they intend to bring to Nintendo Wii U, PC, Mac and Linux once they’re funded. With its mix of crafting, stealth and action, as well as its single player and multiplayer mayhem, Once Bitten, Twice Dead!will unleash the zomblokalpyse in Q4 2015.
“We’re thrilled to release our pre-alpha to masses and that people are really excited by what we’re doing, we’ve been dreaming of making an ablokalyptic title for quite some time,” said Mark Hann, lead designer at Dark Day Interactive, “but we need help with the zomblokalypse and so, we’ve chosen Kickstarter for exposure to help fund the Wii U port of our game and further development to expand the whole game.”

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A heady mix of action adventure, horror and survival, Once Bitten, Twice Dead will land players in the middle of a virus pandemic that’s mutated living things into undead munchers.
Humanity has holed themselves up in camps after the ‘falling’ – a catastrophic event that spawned the munchers. Survivors only venture out for precious building materials, guns and ammo, and, of course, food and water.  Do you have what it takes to lead a team to survive? Or are you a lone wolf, only looking out for number one?
Once Bitten, Twice Dead gives you the freedom, to play how you want to play.

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The playable pre-alpha is available. Experience the zombie mayhem for yourself. It’s fully multi-player so play alone or invite some friends and save humanity from the zomblokalypse!
Game features

  • True open world environment
  • Venture alone or in a multiplayer team – remember, there’s strength in numbers
  • Take control of vehicles to explore the huge game environment
  • Harvest, craft, cook and survive
  • Random boss encounters
  • Competitive arenas and death match modes
  • Outbreak mode, where YOU play as the infected


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