On-Set: Gillette Wingman Video Series


Our host Rainbow Sun Francks and producer James Stamos recently had the chance to visit the set of the Gillette Wingman series here in Toronto. The guys chat up the man himself, Kyle Hickey, who we know as his alias, Gillette Wingman, as well as director, Matt Sadowski on what Gillette Wingman is all about.

If you don’t know who Gillette Wingman is – he’s here to inform and teach the younger generations how to be manly and succeed. We take a look at the set where the videos are filmed and get to know Kyle better. The Gillette Wingman video series continues here on Console Creatures and www.thewingman.ca



Former Producer/On-air Co-star for the Ed the Sock Show (G4, City-TV, MuchMusic)

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