Old Spice Has A Gift For Everyone This Holiday Season… The Gift Of Song

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So we’re starting the week off with the hilarious sequel to Mom Song from Old Spice’s successful campaign. Dad Song is exactly what you think it is and yes, it’s hilarious!

Let’s take a minute to reflect on our parents before we watch the video together – this is what most of our parents sound like in our heads and we gladly love them for it. Luckily our fathers will be there for us regardless of how anxious they are for us to leave the nest.

Coming of age is a huge thing for a son, but it’s the most straining on the father who is now watching his son become a man.

Some of us can’t grasp what this means because we aren’t fathers yet and don’t have the ability to do so either.

And now with the sappy stuff out of the way let’s begin!



Oh and by the way people; this campaign has featuring lyrics from Flight of the Conchords’ songwriter Bret McKenzie! If you aren’t sure who he is then your father would be ashamed of you. Maybe not but you owe it to the man who gave birth to you to find out who Bret McKenzie is!

The two videos Old Spice has put out are hilarious and with that said there is some etiquette we need to discuss about how to apply these products that our father might not have told us beforehand! Seriously some people just spray until they can’t breathe and assume that’s okay!

Here is a video telling you how to properly apply body spray and I hope this helps those of you who overwhelm our senses.


The new lineup of products available is great – I’ve been a user for some time and have found the perfect balance for my needs. There really is something for every need a man might have in his quest to look and smell good.


My favourite item though has been the pomade “Spiffy,” which has surprised me how well it holds during my day and through the night. How Old Spice has figured out how to keep its hold AND smell awesome is a welcoming addition to my arsenal.

And the body wash really does keep its smell for a long time after the shower! So far I’ve been impressed with what I’ve had the chance to use and will be trying each one in the days to come.


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