Okay Capcom, We Know Devil May Cry 5 Is Real

While rumors have been circulating as far back as early 2017, Devil May Cry 5 is most likely now not only real, but we’ll likely see it at E3 next week if the recent listing is anything to go by (it usually is).

While I myself prefer the new reboot DmC over Devil May Cry, I am always excited to get more of the series. So when a recent domain registration for popped up, it was the wonderful people over at the DMC Discord that not only discovered it but found out that GMO Internet, the same registrar that Capcom is known for using, as used to register this domain.

I love Dante and I love Virgil, so of course, seeing both of the OG versions reappear after ten years away is certainly cause for celebration. I’m eager to see how this game even plays out, as the last time we had a Devil May Cry game, Nero was the lead with Dante filling in as a support role for Nero.

Whatever the case, I’m ready to know more at E3 next week.