The Last of Us HBO

Here’s The Official Trailer For HBO’s The Last of Us

It is hard to find any other television show that has as much hype behind it as HBO’s adaptation of The Last of Us holds. Everything we’ve seen up until this point has been building the level of anticipation and it will all come to fruition next month.

It feels like it has been ages since we heard Craig Mazin was working on the PlayStation-exclusive series with Neil Druckmann. Since then, we’ve been teased and had snippets shown on the web but this weekend we finally got one of the best-looking trailers yet.

The trailer above was this weekend CCXP in Brazil at a panel held with the cast of The Last of Us on hand. It has a lot of familiar elements players will know well, but now we’re seeing it through a new lens and I am excited to see how newcomers will feel as it airs.

I have a lot of faith in Mazin and if you have yet to check out Chornobyl, I highly recommend you do. It is easily one of the most gut-wrenching television shows I’ve seen in recent years and has a standout cast telling one of the most harrowing tales in human history.

The Last of Us will debut on January 15 on HB. You have just over one month to check out The Last of Us Part 1 in the meantime. I say this as someone who wasn’t warm on the remake at first but quickly turned around as I played through it back in September.