Official Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Personalization Packs Trailer

Intimidate your opponents with your gameplay skills, as well as your impeccable sense of style with four new Personalization Packs available now on Xbox Live! Each Personalization Pack includes a weapon skin, three uniquely-shaped reticles, and an all-new Calling card.

Afterlife: Harness the spirit of Alcatraz with this pack inspired by the glowing out-of-body experience from Mob of the Dead.

Paladin: Inspired by the insignias of the Middle Ages, you’ll look particularly regal when you win the Game of Drones.

UK Punk: Inspired by the tattooed and metal-studded 1970’s UK punk rock scene, you will wanna be… Anarchy.

Comics: POW! BAM!!! PEW PEW PEW…color your enemies with bullets using this pack inspired by classic comic book designs.


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