Play The Nour Demo As Part Of Steam Next Fest

Make a mess as part of Steam Next Fest! 

Developer Terrifying Jellyfish and publisher Panic invite you to play with your food in a demo for Nour: Play with Your Food, available today as part of Steam Next Fest!

If you’ve ever wanted to make a big ol’ mess of your kitchen set to an adaptive soundtrack that mimics your level of kitchen chaos, then this is the game for you! 

Set 20 toasters to super toast setting! Why? Well, just because! What do toaster settings even mean to begin with? No matter what number you set it to, your toast always comes out overdone.

Keep the beat and explore how 20+ playful food vignettes react. 

Bring Zen-like peace to making boba, or blow up a bowl of ramen and freeze it midair.

The best part: thanks to video game simulations, you don’t have to clean up at the end!

Nour: Play with Your Food will be available soon on PlayStation 5, PC, and Mac.