Nour: Play With Your Food

Nour: Play With Your Food Reaches Temperature On September 12

Initially announced in 2023 at the PlayStation 5 Future of Games Showcase, Terrifying Jellyfish and publisher Panic are launching Nour: Play With Your Food on September 12, 2023.

Nour is unconventional and wild, and it was a delight to make,” said creative lead TJ Hughes on the PlayStation Blog. “We set out to make a game with no goals or objectives other than experiencing the joy of freely interacting with the highly detailed virtual representations of delicious food and snacks we enjoy every day. Now we’re almost done, and if you think that idea for a game sounds fun, we hope you give Nour a shot when it releases on September 12.”

In Nour, you can play with your food and use tools like the blowtorch, knife, salt shaker, and more to slice, squish, season, char, and paint your food. You can even use multiple tools on the same food.

Terrifying Jellyfish promises this won’t be a realistic game, so they’ve added “creative liberties” with how you can play with your food. Things like using a wizard’s or chef’s hat to form culinary spells, constellations, ice sculptures, and more.