Nour: Play With Your Food Announced for PlayStation 5

Tj Huges, the Founder of Terrifying Jellyfish appeared on the PlayStation Blog to introduce the world to Nour: Play With Your Food, a new interactive game focused on food.

Nour – as in Nourish – “refuses to adhere to traditional goals or objectives;” and so, this means you’re free to openly play with your food as you wish. If you want to make a mess, go right ahead! Want to assemble something made for a photo opp; you can also do that.

The idea behind Nour: Play With Your Food is for you to be a kid again and play with your food and the best part about it is, after making a huge mess with your dinner, you don’t need to clean it up! There’s even a photo mode to take pictures of your food, letting you live the dream of being a food blogger.

According to Huges, the project was inspired by Instagram food blogs, anime food, and having bubble tea for the first time. this led to a side project in 2015 and has since been in development. Huges also learned while working on Nour: Play With Your Food that food is universal and that the project is meant to remind us of fond food memories.

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