NOS Energy Drink wants to send YOU to VEGAS with GSP!


NOS  is fueling a life of no excuses by inviting fans to enter the “GSP In Vegas” contest for a chance to win an exclusive trip package for three, which includes hanging with MMA world champion Georges St-Pierre himself as their wingman. The unforgettable weekend trip takes place in September 2014 and includes time with Georges St-Pierre, accommodations, travel and spending money (total value of approximately $10,000)!

Until May 31, 2014, Canadians 21 years-old and over can enter the contest at www.drinknos.ca.

NOS  Energy Drink provides great-tasting energy, with unique flavours, like Passion Fruit, Charged Lime and Electric Cherry, that you can’t find anywhere else. The official Energy Drink of MMA Welterweight Champion Georges St-Pierre, NOS  is high performance energy that provides enhanced mental focus to fuel your day. And NOS has been re-formulated, re-focused and re-energized with the CMPLX6 formula. With serious amounts of energy, NOS CMPLX6 blend contains Guarana and L-Theanine, an amino acid found in green tea.


Former Producer/On-air Co-star for the Ed the Sock Show (G4, City-TV, MuchMusic)

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