Nobody Saves the World

Nobody Saves The World Delayed to Early 2022

Drinkbox Studios made an appearance today during Gamescom: Opening Night Live Pre-Show to showcase their new game, Nobody Saves The World.
Today’s preview included the reveal that came with the news that the game will launch with a co-op multiplayer component but had to delay the game into next year in order to implement the game’s co-op mode.

You play as Nobody, who happens to discover a powerful magic wand with the power to change forms. In the trailer, Nobody is seen turning into a mouse, a wizard, a horse, a bodybuilder, a mermaid, a turtle and more to enter dungeons and solve puzzles and complete quests. Seeing the game in action gives me enough insight to get excited for another interesting title from DrinkBox Studios. Oh, and the most exciting thing – Jim Guthrie, who comped the Sword and Sworcery soundtrack is composing the music.


“Co-op in Nobody Saves the World takes the already-vast possibilities for strategy and customization and blows them wide open,” said Ian Campbell, Lead Designer at Drinkbox Studios.
“Even nearing the end of development, we’re still finding ridiculous new ways to combine the powers of two players, and we can’t wait to see what combos you discover when you try it for yourself.”
For anyone playing on Xbox consoles, cloud, or PC, then crossplay and cross-save support will be enabled from launch.