No Straight Roads Confirmed On Nintendo Switch, Xbox One

No Straight Roads comes from Wan Hazmer, the lead game designer on Final Fantasy XV. Today, we’ve learned that the title from Metronomik is also coming to Nintendo Switch and Xbox One on June 30.

In a press release, publisher Sold Out revealed that due to feedback from fans, an Xbox One and Nintendo Switch port is now releasing on the same date as the previously revealed PlayStation 4 and Epic Games Store release. “We can’t wait for players to embrace their inner rock star this summer with this musical adventure on their platform of choice,” says Sarah Soeksma, the marketing director at Sold Out.

We also learned today that the Nintendo Switch version comes with exclusive features thanks to the system’s functionality, these features include:

  • Exclusive Assist Mode – Partner up with an additional local player to take control of the Elliegator, a secret alligator assistant who can help players in battle by picking up items, transforming props and calling in useful bonuses.
  • Three-Player Co-Op– Played in conjunction with the game’s co-op mode, Assist Mode lets up to three local players experience No Straight Roads’ music-based action together, only on Nintendo Switch.
  • Touchscreen Support – Use the Nintendo Switch system’s touchscreen to transform props and pick up items.
  • Single Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller Play – Play through the entire game using a single Joy-Con, or pass the second Joy-Con to a friend to play in couch co-op.

No Straight Roads is an action-adventure game that mashes together rhythm-infused combat with a vibrant offbeat world and a killer soundtrack. In fact, music plays a central role in the game, and while No Straight Roads isn’t a rhythm-action game, listening to the music can be critical to mastering the combat. This means that while enemies attack to the beat, players can attack, parry, jump and move freely in action-packed third-person combat while listening out for cues to dodge enemy attacks.