No Rest for the Wicked

No Rest for the Wicked Lands In Early Access This April

Moon Studios held a livestream titled Wicked Inside, shedding light on the upcoming title, No Rest for the Wicked.

During Wicked Inside, co-hosts and Moon Studios’ founders Thomas Mahler and Gennadiy Korol spoke about No Rest for the Wicked and provided many new details regarding the various systems and some story points players can expect.

  • The developers promoted the dark and mature narratives players can expect from the studio.
  • The world being crafted for No Rest for the Wicked is steeped in lore and rich in details with a painterly art style.
  • There are action RPG elements with precision-based combat where animation-driven, tactile fights unfold.
  • The developers went over many of the weapons, as well as enchantments, rune attacks, and dodging.
  • There is a soft class system available.
  • Skills are needed to take on No Rest for the Wicked’s bosses like Warrick the Torn.
  • You’ll visit the city of Sacrament, the capital of Isola Sacra, and how your influence evolves the world over time.
  • The studio confirmed housing, crafting, and a flexible interior design system is available.
  • The endgame in No Rest for the Wicked is called ALIVE

Alongside the various details listed above, Moon Studios teased their Early Access roadmap:


In the year 841, King Harol passed away, and his untested and arrogant son Magnus succeeded him as the king of the kingdom. Around the same time, the Pestilence, a deadly plague that had not been seen for a thousand years, broke out and started spreading across the land, affecting everything and everyone it touched.

Madrigal Seline, an ambitious figure in the church, viewed the Pestilence as an opportunity to prove herself in the eyes of her god. All these events converged on Isola Sacra, a backwater isle, where rebel groups and the provincial government were fighting for control in the midst of the isle’s crumbling ruins.

The Cerim, a group of mystical holy warriors sworn to defeat the Pestilence at any cost, faced an increasingly challenging task as they became entangled in the people’s plight and the vast political struggle of this downtrodden land. Amidst the chaos, they sought to cleanse the land of wickedness and shape the kingdom’s fate.

No Rest for the Wicked hits Early Access on Steam on April 18, with consoles arriving later.