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No Man’s Sky Origin Update is Massive

No Man’s Sky refuses to be a memory. Today, Hello Games revealed another major update to the game that just won’t quit. Sean Murray took to Twitter to reveal the Origins update for No Man’s Sky.

Murrays says this update dramatically expands the universe and offers a “stranger, richer and more varied universe”. I’ve had to do a double take on the patch notes because there is just so much that’s been included and it’s overwhelming for someone like me who’s stayed away for the last few years.

From the website:

  • This update includes new planets, millons of new planets to explore!
  • Rare systems are now home to multiple stars, this makes new patterns in the sky
  • These new worlds include vast and sweeping terrain. Mountains and vistas await as a new colossal scale has been mixed in
  • Active volcanoes, firestorms, meteor showers, tornadoes, lightning storms, and gravitational anomalies will make surface exploration more dynamic and memorable.
  • Flora, fauna and atmospheric conditions have changed throughout the universe, existing worlds
  • Interface and menus have been totally overhauled with new colours and styles, for a fresh new aesthetic
  • Every planet has new life, including never before seen planetar flora and strange new combinations

Check out the full patch notes to see what else has been added, there’s so much to unpack!