No Man's Sky Frontiers

No Man’s Sky Frontiers Update Adds Settlements

Five years on, No Man’s Sky is still giving back to its community and its community is just a little bigger thanks to procedural generation.

The new Frontiers fifth anniversary patch gives players the ability to land their spaceship in the ports of new planetary settlements inhabited by a local community looking for leadership. Settlements are procedurally generated, each with its own buildings. At first look, it’s hard not to compare the settlements to Mos Eisley, the cantina from Star Wars.

Frontiers functions as a city builder simulator of sorts where you are able to resolve disputes, manage a treasury and economy, and build, baby, build!

There are new stone, timber, and alloy parts to serve as the raw materials. And a new grid-based building system so that you can create the space civilization that lives in the back of your mind. There are also 100 new vanity items to help you make things truly your own.

If the idea of leading and aiding your own space society isn’t enough to bring you back to No Man’s Sky, there are also a number of quality of live upgrades to make things easier and more enjoyable. For full patch notes, head here.