No Man’s Sky ‘Beachhead Expedition’ Adds the Normandy

Hello Games has revealed one of the coolest tie-ins I’ve seen in ages to No Man’s Sky today as Commander Shepard’s SSV Normandy SR-1 from Mass Effect can be unlocked beginning today.

How the famous starship came to be in No Man’s Sky is part of a week long ARG game that’s been happening. Players working together were able to solve the puzzle and discover the encrypted goals of the Beachhead Expedition, a series quests Hello Games added as part of No Man’s Sky’s recent Expedition update.

A lot of fans speculated on the expedition and many dedicated players figured out how to use some of the in-game items to crack the codes needed for this to happen. With the solution in hand, the Normandy came “out of flux fragments at monoliths all across the universe,” leading to the unlocking of the Myth Beacon, summoning the ship into existence.

“We are thrilled and flattered that BioWare and EA let us pay tribute in this way. As huge fans of the series, it’s a lovely moment for sci-fi fans,” says Sean Murray, “Like everyone else we’ve been rediscovering the amazing universe of Mass Effect through the release of the Legendary Edition. I still have chills every time I see this incredibly iconic ship warping in, and was delighted to see so many people have the same reaction.”

All players have until May 31 to undertake this expedition for themselves and add the SSV Normandy SR1 to their frigate fleet for good.